Life Groups

Life Groups start the second week of classes of this Spring Semester 2018! If you'd like to be plugged into one of the groups we are offering, you can see a list of the groups and fill out the form below. Our theme is Defeating Darkness (How Living in Light Changes the World) and will be a study through the book of 1 John in the New Testament. Click here for a lesson outline.

TUESDAY AFTERNOONS at 1:30 // Taylor Hall (rm 104) // Leaders: John Sidwell and Andrew Hodges

TUESDAY NIGHTS at 7:30 // Ball Hall first floor lobby // Leaders: Hannah Beltz and Cory Hagemier

TUESDAY NIGHTS at 8:00 // North Hall // Leaders: Peyton Mathis and Troy Dover

TUESDAY NIGHTS at 9:00 // Canal Square Apartments // Leaders: Haley Welch and Kelly Moors

WEDNESDAY MORNINGS at 8:00 // Taylor Hall (rm 104) // Leaders: Meghan Ziegler and Adrianna Garrett

WEDNESDAY MORNINGS at 8:00 // Nursing Building // Leaders: Sarah Fisher and Makayla Wakeman

WEDNESDAY NIGHTS at 7:00 // Riverwalk Apartments // Leaders: Ryan Fraser and Nathan Cunningham

THURSDAY NIGHTS at 7:00 // University Tower // Leaders: Emily Crowel and Tucker Dooley

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