Break Lag

At the end of August our family took a vacation to Michigan. It was so great to get away for the better part of the week. To refresh. To reflect. To sleep. To eat, much. There is nothing quite like taking time away from your normal routine. The perspective you gain from getting away is unmatched.

But then you get back into your routine -- and it is tough. 

My daughter and me.

My daughter and me.

This is kind of what it is like to come off of a Fall Break in college. It isn't quite time for Thanksgiving, and it is far too soon to be thinking about the coveted Winter (Christmas) Break. You are caught longing for more of a break, and it can go one of two ways.

1) MOTIVATION SHUT DOWN // You find your academic effort wanes in the face of impending breaks. All motivation to press on is gone. Grades suffer when we are on this shut down.

2) DIG, DIG, DIG // You use the coming breaks as motivation to turn it up a notch. You go the extra mile. You lean in more and more to allow God find the deepest character you possess. You thrive now, crash later. 

i really believe that the answer lies in the following passage in Epehsians 3: 


Strengthened in the inner being -- with power from the Holy Spirit.

This is the key to overcoming break lag as a college student. 

You. Can. Do. This! 

Andrew Hodges // Volunteer Lead Campus Minister